Be it a real estate fund or a clothing manufacturer, international businesses are typically exposed to foreign exchange risk. Essential to a successful business strategy is the ability to identify the specific risks that can directly or indirectly affect profitability.

GCR Partners deliver immediate value and ensure the executed strategy is appropriate and consistent with your business objectives. Our process is outlined below:


GCR Partners conduct a thorough audit and trade cost analysis of your historical currency transactions to determine competitiveness of existing banker/broker solutions.


Using data points from our audit and understanding your business requirements and risk appetite, we create tailored hedging strategies and treasury solutions.


Once we've agreed a suitable currency strategy, we tender your requirements to the market and negotiate the best terms from our network of global liquidity providers. We police the execution process to ensure pricing efficiency.


After managing the on boarding and account opening process, we work with you to regularly review and update market positions and pricing structures.